We owe tax money again?

I just need to vent a bit. Every year, without fail, we end up having to pay money come tax time. Let me be clear, we adjust our amounts every year to try to avoid this, but somehow it never works. Seth and I are thankful for what we have and we realize that there are many people out there that don’t get paychecks and struggle to know where their food will come from. I am not trying to make light of that or act like I know what that is like. The problem is that for some reason, federal money is not withheld since we do not make enough money. There is no way to get it withheld as far as we know. Seriously, we do not make enough money to cut a big fat check every April. GRRRRRRRRR…anyone else in our shoes or are we just complete morons and overlooking something? Help a girl out please, I beg you.

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I enjoy all kinds of art and I love trying new things. Colorful buildings, natural scenery, photography, funky architecture, different cultural settings and international cooking all inspire me. I am a ceramic tile and mosaic artist and I create supplies for others to use in their own artistic endeavors.

6 responses to “We owe tax money again?”

  1. Stephanie says :

    Have a baby!! The government will then cut you a big ol’ check… Just a thought 😀

  2. Joel says :

    We didn’t make enough for federal to be withheld last year, either. It’s terrible. And then Elizabeth was technically self-employed for half the year, so we had to pay self-employment tax on top of it. We feel your pain! But no, I have no idea how to get it withheld. You could either put your withholding rate down to “single 0” if you don’t already, but if that doesn’t work, you could just save a chunk of each check and stick it into a savings account till next tax season.

  3. Erika says :

    Ugh, I feel your pain. I have no idea how to get the money withheld…I’m assuming you’ve already checked with your HR/tax people to see if they know a way? It’s hard to believe you can make too little to have it withheld, but yet they still want you to pay it at the end. In my opinion, if you’re too poor to give them money all year long, you’re too poor to give them money in April! I just don’t understand the logic (or lack thereof) there.

  4. lexophilia says :

    Perhaps you should have a “withholdings” account. Same thing really, you’re just withholding it from yourselves. 😉

  5. ArtsyKatie says :

    Thanks for the advice everyone, we will have to look into some different options for this coming year I suppose!

  6. Kristin M. says :

    Hey Katie, You can submit a new W-4 with a flat federal fee taken out (Line 6 on W-4 is additional amount you want withheld). I’ve been doing this for a couple years as a “just in case” measure.

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