100 Push Ups

Guess what Seth and I are doing? That’s right, this 100 push-up challenge.

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And yes, I know they tell you not to start new exercises while pregnant, but I have been doing a smaller number of push-ups a few times a week for quite some time now so no worries. The truth is, exercise has just been complicated so far during pregnancy because my body aches are always changing. Push-ups are one of a few multiple-muscle toning exercises I can do through the whole pregnancy and feel like I’m using full body strength (using an incline to avoid the belly). For now I’m doing the plank kind, but I’ll switch to my knees if my back bothers me.

Also, I need something goal-oriented to work toward during this time physically. I’ve got other important exercises I’m doing, but this one is new and fun. Plus, it would be pretty sweet to be able to say I can do 100 push-ups, right? Maybe it will even pump me up for labor…

So what do you think? Anyone else want to join? I’ve already tested myself and I start Day 1 tomorrow morning at 6:30am, unless I can’t sleep which means I may start at 4am- Wahoo!

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4 responses to “100 Push Ups”

  1. Erika says :

    Ahhhh!!! 100 pushups??! Are you insane?? I think I can do about….10.

  2. Joshua White says :

    I’ve always wanted to do this challenge but haven’t (lazy >.>). This is a good an opportunity as any to start, though! 🙂 I’m with you.

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