Weekend Ups & Downs

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Good stuff: I got to witness this mama’s home birth last night. I’m still processing, but it was crazy and awesome. I’m not sure what else to say besides that. It was insanely quick, so fast that she wasn’t able to make it to the birthing tub in time. Mama and baby girl are doing well too:)

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Frustrating stuff: I feel like this picture. We’ve had a busy weekend. I am a mess of over commitment. I need help. I have been trying to think ahead to plan rest time, even when I have things to attend or accomplish. But what can I do when I’ve committed to multiple important events and they just happen to be in the same weekend? Needless to say, I over did it yesterday by having three separate commitments that were all important. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to bed until late, I didn’t sleep much, I felt sick to my stomach all night and had to bail on my commitments this morning. I tried to give notice last night as soon as I could foresee the problem today, but I know my overcommitment ended up as a frustration for someone else to deal with. Boooo to me, I suck at being pregnant. I feel like a wimp as I try to explain that I need down time and just can’t do it all, but I physically cannot. Apparently growing a baby requires energy. I hate how wimpy I sound. I know a lot of people work and have a life while pregnant so what is my problem? I’m trying. I need balance, but I just don’t know where to draw the line. Anyone have advice? Feel free to call me a wimp too:)

More good stuff: I get to go to physical therapy on Tuesday for my sciatica. I know, who would have thought that is something to rejoice about, right? I am though. I can’t wait.

We did some other fun things this weekend, but I’ll save those until tomorrow. Enjoy your Sunday.

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I enjoy all kinds of art and I love trying new things. Colorful buildings, natural scenery, photography, funky architecture, different cultural settings and international cooking all inspire me. I am a ceramic tile and mosaic artist and I create supplies for others to use in their own artistic endeavors.

3 responses to “Weekend Ups & Downs”

  1. onedayinthelifeofj says :

    Slow down, girl. You need rest and there is no use comparing your life to anyone else’s because tired is tired no matter how you look at it. Take time for rest – when the baby comes, there will still be time for rest, but not necessarily on your schedule…

  2. kitchen-dreams says :

    hope you will get to rest on labor day! remember to take care of yourself! happy weekend.

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