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We have an Alaskan cruise family reunion in the works for this summer. Seth and I were talking about what we’d have to bring- a pack-n-play, a baby carrier, diapers, diaper bag, maybe a stroller…

And then we looked at each other alarmingly and said to one another, “Oh no, do we have to bring a car seat?!” Imagine: we fly into Seattle, stay in a hotel, and then get on the ship. Do we seriously need a car seat for the ride to the hotel? What about day trips/excursions during the cruise? Do we need a car seat for those too? Traveling across country with all of this junk–I mean necessary baby junk, but still, more stuff–sounds like a big hassle.

If Seth and I were traveling alone, we would just make sure the place we were staying was right near public transit and only take trains and buses. That seems impossible, though, with a large group on a cruise ship taking excursions through rural areas. Also, another thought–on port days, I’m sure we’d have to take a car ride or two to get to wherever we go in Alaska.

So I’m feeling confused and I don’t understand how this works. Baby travelers, please, help us out! Can we rent a car seat somewhere? Any other thoughts or advice?

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8 responses to “Traveling Question”

  1. onedayinthelifeofj says :

    Wow, great question. Most hotels have portable cribs or pack and plays for babies, so I would think a cruise ship would too. Good question about the car seat. If you call the cruise line they probably have the answers you’re looking for (I would hope!). For the ride to the hotel…. don’t know what to tell you there. The cruise sounds fun though!

  2. Rube says :

    hmmm…..If you’re going to find yourself riding in a car, you’re going to need a car seat for the Puff Chick. If you’re renting a car, the car rental agency will give you an option to rent a car seat, but it’s usually incredibly expensive, and I’m not sure if you’re even renting a car. If you’re fairly certain that you’ll be driving in cars rather than public transport, I can’t think of anything other than lugging the car seat along with you. Ellen and I have endured the burden on a number of trips and cursed the bejeezus out of the thing every time. I would be interested to hear if anyone else had a suggestion.

  3. Mollyanne says :

    My recommendation would be to borrow or buy one of those car seats that have a handle so they double as a stroller. There are usually some at the consignment sales so you could check there in the spring if you don’t know anyone who has one or if you think you would use it several times. They let you gate check them so they actually help get through the airport easier too, with only one item instead of stroller and car seat. Your other option would be to take your car seat and a snap-n-go stroller.

  4. Julia says :

    How old will the baby be? 7-8 months? You’ll probably want to bring your bucket seat for the plane and any car trips. Some babies will sleep better on a plane buckled into a seat, some will sleep better in your arms, but I wouldn’t want to risk containing a squirming kid on my lap for hours. But I agree, TONS of gear comes with the baby. Kyle and I are thinking about going to London next summer…let me know how it goes bringing a pack-n-play on a plane!

  5. Erika says :

    Whoa, those are good questions. I’m sure I’m full of helpful advice, too. 🙂 But first I must say: TOTALLY JEALOUS YOU’RE GOING ON AN ALASKAN CRUISE. I LOVE cruises. And I really want to go on an Alaska one. So…I think what I’m saying is…do you and Seth think you need a nanny to go with you? Because I might be available that week. 🙂 And I’ll be happy to lug all your baby crap (and your baby) around. So just let me know.

    OK, I would probably check with the cruise line to see what kind of baby accommodations they have: they might possibly HAVE cribs and stuff on board that you can rent/borrow. But as for lugging the carseat around for the random taxi ride…yikes. I’m just envisioning you having to install the base every time you get in a vehicle…yikes. No bueno.

  6. Erin Greene says :

    Found this online. Maybe it will give you some ideas.

  7. jan says :

    Which family? I’m ready!

  8. ArtsyKatie says :

    Wow, lots of great thoughts! I think once we know which cruise line for sure, we’ll have to see if they have car seats to take on day trips, etc.

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