Flannel Sheets & 32 Weeks

-You know that feeling of getting into bed when the sheets are freezing? It’s terrible and I hate it during the winter months. What do you do? FLANNEL SHEETS! I love them. Although random, this cannot go without discussion. We changed our sheets this weekend to flannel for the winter and every year, they change my life just a little bit. It is so nice to get into bed and not freeze. Just sayin’…

-Is it a bad sign that someone I’ve only known for a few months knows that after Geography happy hour on Friday nights I will inevitably be requesting pizza? In fact, I told Seth I was ready for dinner and this person said, “For pizza?”

-Within the past week, I’ve noticed strangers are no longer wondering if I’m pregnant, but they’re quite confident when they talk to me about it, as though we’ve been long time friends. I even had two female customers at the store strongly disagree about whether I was having a boy or girl based on the way I was carrying. They both really wanted to be right. We’ll see…

-Thank the lord for hand me downs, seriously. People I know well and others I don’t know at all keep offering clothes, etc. If it weren’t for Patrick & Nicole giving us pretty much all of their stuff, clothing, gear, etc. and for others generously passing things along, we may really be feeling the financial burden right now. I’m not kidding when I say that I think we have spent less than $50 so far and I feel extremely grateful for that! I know it won’t always be that way with children, but in our current situation, it is so helpful.

-32 Week photo from this past weekend:

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About ArtsyKatie

I enjoy all kinds of art and I love trying new things. Colorful buildings, natural scenery, photography, funky architecture, different cultural settings and international cooking all inspire me. I am a ceramic tile and mosaic artist and I create supplies for others to use in their own artistic endeavors.

4 responses to “Flannel Sheets & 32 Weeks”

  1. jan says :

    You’re looking great!

  2. Erika says :

    I feel the SAME WAY about flannel sheets. And i really like the bed/sheets/comforter in that picture.

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