The Name Game, Part 1

Seth and I have been thinking of names we like for “our future children” and making lists of names since before we got married. We’ve got lists on old restaurant napkins, place mats, receipts and so on. It was always a fun little thing to think and dream about for some day, way far away.


We’ve agreed on a girl’s name for this little one, a name we’ve had for years and while we’ve thrown around several others, we keep coming back to it. It is the one. Boys’ names, on the other hand, have been a challenge. We can’t find a name that we love. We’ve got a ton that we like, but for one reason or another, the names we’ve liked most have been thrown out- sound too much like other family names, don’t work with our last name, too much potential ridicule, etc.

I was a teacher and both Seth and I have strong opinions about names; therefore, the most common phrases used in this discussion sound something like this:

“You’ve got to be kidding me? You can’t be seriously suggesting we name our kid _____?”

“That name rhymes with ______ and sounds like a bathroom noise…”

“I taught a kid named ______ and do you remember his whining voice?”

I’m sure everyone, with or without kids, has a story or two that represent names you like or don’t. Stay tuned for Part 2, where I’ll bring those special names we will not be using and why! Be thinking of your stories to share as well. 🙂

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2 responses to “The Name Game, Part 1”

  1. onedayinthelifeofj says :

    I agree, boys names are much harder!

  2. Erika says :

    Totally agree– we have both our first choice and second choice girl names hammered down (in the event of girl twins, we’re READY!). Boys?? Meh. I like a lot, don’t really love any. My main fear is that since it’s taking us forfreakingever to get pregnant, someone will unintentionally ‘steal’ our girl name(s). Hard to know whether I should just call public DIBS on them?….or what…or if someone just up and names their kid MY name, be like “too bad, when mine’s born, there’ll be 2 of em!” Decisions, decisions…

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