Strangest Pregnancy Symptom

You always here about the odd things that happen when your pregnant. For example, your hair gets thicker or curly, nails get stronger, cravings, etc. Well, my strangest symptom is one that I have never heard of before: itchy, rashy, inflamed armpits.

For the past 9 months, I have been allergic to every kind of deodorant I’ve tried. Let’s begin by saying I usually make my own deodorant. It’s about as natural as it gets, other than not wearing any. As many times as my sweet man responds “no” to the question “Do my pits smell?” (arm raise included), I still smell myself at times and I cannot stand to smell like BO.

So, after tiring of scratching my pits like a monkey and then having to wash and ice them due to inflammation, I tried variations of this natural deodorant. When none of that worked, I tried multiple natural store-bought varieties. That didn’t work and I even tried some of the chemically kind. Nope, again: itchy, inflamed, red, sore, wash, ice, repeat.

At my wit’s end, I tried a method I heard about from a friend who heard about it from a friend, you get the idea. I know the person who’s idea it was, but I will not post his name in case his deodorant solutions are a more private matter than on my blog. Also, I haven’t brought up the potentially awkward conversation, you know- “Hey, I heard from ______, that heard from ______, that you don’t use deodarant and instead you use ________ .” I’ll omit that conversation and instead just say thank you for the advice that saved my pits.

Are you ready? Rubbing Alcohol. That’s right. The only solution to my pregnancy BO that doesn’t make me break out in hives. Swab on in the morning with a cloth, let dry for a minute or two before putting on your shirt. If it’s a particularly smelly/sweaty day, reapply as needed. I haven’t ever had to reapply in the same day unless I worked out or I didn’t shower (I mean I always shower every day…). Also, I didn’t discover this until a few months ago so it hasn’t been tested in weather over 80 degrees. Still, hallelujah for rubbing alcohol. And no, it doesn’t burn at all unless I have just shaved. I won’t even mention that the price of rubbing alcohol is a great plus for my frugal ways.

So for all y’all (I’m so southern) with itchy pits (which I’m pretty sure is no one), I have discovered the solution for you! You’re welcome.

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10 responses to “Strangest Pregnancy Symptom”

  1. catherine says :

    wow. glad you got it worked out, but this only reinforces the weirdness factor of being pregnant. 🙂

  2. Donna Hawkins says :

    Will you go back to your homemade deodorant after you give birth (assuming your pits go back to their pre-pregnancy state) or will you stick with alcohol? p.s. love reading your blog. 🙂

    • ArtsyKatie says :

      I think I’d be happy with either. Not sure how the alcohol will work during GA summers so maybe I’ll do one in the winter, one in the summer? Both are great though. Thanks for reading and hope you are well!

  3. lexophilia says :

    I still wear anti-perspirant but I also use alcohol. I only use the alcohol every few days (because we all know that in a Southern summer, Dove doesn’t always cut it). Alcohol kills the bacteria that causes BO. It’s especially great for travelling– I just buy the little individual alcohol swabs (super cheap at Walmart!) and go.

    I totally want to know what (chemically) is causing your problems, though!

  4. Erika says :

    This is fascinating! I don’t have particularly itchy pits or anything, but I do have major issues with deodorant in general…I may just give this a try for the heck of it! Also love that person’s travel comment…great idea.

  5. Michele Flippo says :

    katie! i swear to you that this was an ongoing struggle for me for YEARS and i thought i was the only one. it started when we were traveling in the SW for a few weeks, so i thought it was heat rash, but then it never went away. it itched and burned like fire for forever before i figured out that i developed an allergy to whatever is in deordorant while i was out there–maybe hormone related? i had only worn the natural kind (tom’s and such), so i switched to dove and it made it worse. i tried shaving and not shaving, which didn’t make a difference. my doctor said to try spraying my armpits with jock itch spray, like it was a fungal infection (gross), and that didn’t help. so i decided last year to quit using deordorant completely and it went away in a week or two. since then, i’ve found that men’s deordorant doesn’t bother me at all, but women’s does. i’m not sure what they put in women’s that is so irritating, but i won’t wear it ever again. if i need to use it at all, i wear old spice game day 🙂 thanks for the alcohol tip though!

    • ArtsyKatie says :

      Michele, I’m so sorry! It is painful and obnoxious, right? I’m glad you’ve found something that works though. What a relief I’m sure! The alcohol helps me feel less smelly than using nothing so hopefully a life-long tip!

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