Oh, Where To Begin?

I’ve been avoiding my blog like it’s the plague. Why? Life has been rouuugh. I don’t know where to begin, how much to explain, and how much I can emotionally handle discussing issues at this point.

Here are the two things I can say:

1) I am totally in love with our daughter. I would say she is an average baby as far as crankiness goes. She has really hard times of day and she has lots of reflux, but she also loves to smile when her belly is full and not bothering her. She sleeps well most of the time. All in all, we are very tired, but we realize that is part of the deal right now and we are both amazed by our little cutie.

2) I have had the worst time imaginable breastfeeding. Don’t let me scare you if you would like to breastfeed: go for it! I am a very unusual case (and no, I don’t have a third nipple or anything like that). I even stumped three lactation consultants at one point. It has been 6.5 weeks of the perfect storm of every possible problem: latching problems, weight gain issues, dropper feeding, bottle feeding, pumping, callouses, creases, cuts, blisters, variable milk production, Raynaud’s Phenomenon, thrush and more. This is mainly why I haven’t blogged. I can’t take any more suggestions, advice, opinions, etc. because I’ve tried just about every solution out there ranging from positions, postures, tools, techniques, and more. That may sound mean, but really, I spend more time with my new best friend, the lactation consultant (free service at our hospital–hallelujah!), than I do with anyone else. Juniper is finally good in the weight gain department, we’ve made HUGE strides of improvement, and may have had a break through this past Thursday. Here’s hoping it continues because we’ve pretty much tried everything at this point. Please pray that it does!

Side note: I’m currently blogging at a coffee shop/bar, ALONE for the first time, enjoying a Lagunitas IPA while Seth is watching the baby girl to give me a much needed break. He’s pretty great!

I leave you with some pictures of the sweetest baby ever and hope that blogging will once again be more routine for me:) These pictures are in random order from the past 6 weeks.

PS- We are making a 10 hour drive soon with a 7 week old. Anyone have any travel tips?

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I enjoy all kinds of art and I love trying new things. Colorful buildings, natural scenery, photography, funky architecture, different cultural settings and international cooking all inspire me. I am a ceramic tile and mosaic artist and I create supplies for others to use in their own artistic endeavors.

6 responses to “Oh, Where To Begin?”

  1. Katy Campbell says :

    She’s so perfect Katie! Thanks for the pictures! Driving tips…we drove 8 hours with Miles when he was 5 weeks old – and we just took our time. Stopped for feedings every 3ish hours and tried to time our meals, potty breaks and diaper changes accordingly (can you plan diaper changes, not really, but it’s a nice thought!). I sat in the back some of the way just so he could see momma and I could entertain him as much as a 5 week old can be entertained! And just said a prayer for you and the breastfeeding – I personally was more scared of breastfeeding than labor, it is so stressful and I’m so sorry its been such a rough road!

  2. Holly Peck says :

    Love the pic’s, she is so sweet! We will be down in March, hope we can meet up with the new little ones! I hope traveling goes well… just plan to take your time… I think its way easier when they are little and sleep most of the time

  3. donna griffin says :

    Katie, she is adorable!!! Congratulations! Looking forward to meeting her. I will be praying the ride continues to get smoother. :O)

  4. Sheila says :

    She is beautiful!

  5. jan says :

    Great pictures of your adorable little one!

  6. kitchendreams says :

    Thank you for sharing your new mom saga! I’m so sorry things have been so rough! Somehow it will get better. Sleep helps. I hope there is someone at the end of your 7 hour drive that can get up with your precious Juniper in the middle of the night so that you and your husband can sleep! Or take over for you while you nap! Hang in there…sounds like you are doing everything right.


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