New Profession?

Ha, this outdated photo made me laugh. I’m always that happy while pumping… Credit

So, I mentioned the other day that our bank account looked pretty sad. I’m not able to get as many hours working at home as I had thought and we already had a tight budget to begin with. But alas, I found my new calling. A friend and I were talking the other day about breastfeeding and pumping and how much extra milk I have. She mentioned something about selling it on Craigslist. We joked, laughed and moved on.

Guess what? You can FOR REAL sell your breast milk online for $1.50-$2 an ounce. I must have 400+ ounces in the freezer. The supply is for Jbug so I won’t have to pump forever since she refuses to breastfeed. The idea is that it will last us for some time after I stop pumping. But, I could easily add more pumping sessions to sell, right? Is this legit? Does anyone know? I wouldn’t be so annoyed by pumping if I could sell it!

I told Seth about my research and he won’t let me quote his response, but it was quite funny. Regardless, could I do this for real? Anyone?

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3 responses to “New Profession?”

  1. Leah B says :

    I’ve never done it but I know you can sell it privately or to for-profit milk banks. Or you can donate to non-profit milk banks. I don’t think there are any government regulations but some recipients require blood work on the donor to ensure she is disease free, drug free, etc. is kind of like a craigslist for breast milk. But there are some weirdos out there, too, so you’d want to do your research.
    And kudos to you for all the effort you’ve put into helping that sweet baby of yours get good nutrients!

  2. Erika says :

    I feel like I’ve heard about people buying it…aren’t there some web pages to set people up (buyers/sellers)? Personally, if/when we adopt, I would definitely try to find someone to buy from, at least for awhile…so keep freezing it and maybe I can be your first customer! Oh, but only if you look like the girl in the photo while you’re pumping. That’s a requirement.

  3. Tanya Owens says :
    This is a donation site but it gives you an idea of the types of people that need breastmilk. It is VERY expensive to buy breastmilk through a milk bank, such as the one at Georgetown University. Much much more than a couple of dollars people are paying on craigslist.

    I am so in Awe of you for pumping all this time, most people would have given up by now. It shows what a strong and powerful mama you are.
    My love to all three of you!

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