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New Profession?

Ha, this outdated photo made me laugh. I’m always that happy while pumping… Credit

So, I mentioned the other day that our bank account looked pretty sad. I’m not able to get as many hours working at home as I had thought and we already had a tight budget to begin with. But alas, I found my new calling. A friend and I were talking the other day about breastfeeding and pumping and how much extra milk I have. She mentioned something about selling it on Craigslist. We joked, laughed and moved on.

Guess what? You can FOR REAL sell your breast milk online for $1.50-$2 an ounce. I must have 400+ ounces in the freezer. The supply is for Jbug so I won’t have to pump forever since she refuses to breastfeed. The idea is that it will last us for some time after I stop pumping. But, I could easily add more pumping sessions to sell, right? Is this legit? Does anyone know? I wouldn’t be so annoyed by pumping if I could sell it!

I told Seth about my research and he won’t let me quote his response, but it was quite funny. Regardless, could I do this for real? Anyone?

Oh, Where To Begin?

I’ve been avoiding my blog like it’s the plague. Why? Life has been rouuugh. I don’t know where to begin, how much to explain, and how much I can emotionally handle discussing issues at this point.

Here are the two things I can say:

1) I am totally in love with our daughter. I would say she is an average baby as far as crankiness goes. She has really hard times of day and she has lots of reflux, but she also loves to smile when her belly is full and not bothering her. She sleeps well most of the time. All in all, we are very tired, but we realize that is part of the deal right now and we are both amazed by our little cutie.

2) I have had the worst time imaginable breastfeeding. Don’t let me scare you if you would like to breastfeed: go for it! I am a very unusual case (and no, I don’t have a third nipple or anything like that). I even stumped three lactation consultants at one point. It has been 6.5 weeks of the perfect storm of every possible problem: latching problems, weight gain issues, dropper feeding, bottle feeding, pumping, callouses, creases, cuts, blisters, variable milk production, Raynaud’s Phenomenon, thrush and more. This is mainly why I haven’t blogged. I can’t take any more suggestions, advice, opinions, etc. because I’ve tried just about every solution out there ranging from positions, postures, tools, techniques, and more. That may sound mean, but really, I spend more time with my new best friend, the lactation consultant (free service at our hospital–hallelujah!), than I do with anyone else. Juniper is finally good in the weight gain department, we’ve made HUGE strides of improvement, and may have had a break through this past Thursday. Here’s hoping it continues because we’ve pretty much tried everything at this point. Please pray that it does!

Side note: I’m currently blogging at a coffee shop/bar, ALONE for the first time, enjoying a Lagunitas IPA while Seth is watching the baby girl to give me a much needed break. He’s pretty great!

I leave you with some pictures of the sweetest baby ever and hope that blogging will once again be more routine for me:) These pictures are in random order from the past 6 weeks.

PS- We are making a 10 hour drive soon with a 7 week old. Anyone have any travel tips?

Strangest Pregnancy Symptom

You always here about the odd things that happen when your pregnant. For example, your hair gets thicker or curly, nails get stronger, cravings, etc. Well, my strangest symptom is one that I have never heard of before: itchy, rashy, inflamed armpits.

For the past 9 months, I have been allergic to every kind of deodorant I’ve tried. Let’s begin by saying I usually make my own deodorant. It’s about as natural as it gets, other than not wearing any. As many times as my sweet man responds “no” to the question “Do my pits smell?” (arm raise included), I still smell myself at times and I cannot stand to smell like BO.

So, after tiring of scratching my pits like a monkey and then having to wash and ice them due to inflammation, I tried variations of this natural deodorant. When none of that worked, I tried multiple natural store-bought varieties. That didn’t work and I even tried some of the chemically kind. Nope, again: itchy, inflamed, red, sore, wash, ice, repeat.

At my wit’s end, I tried a method I heard about from a friend who heard about it from a friend, you get the idea. I know the person who’s idea it was, but I will not post his name in case his deodorant solutions are a more private matter than on my blog. Also, I haven’t brought up the potentially awkward conversation, you know- “Hey, I heard from ______, that heard from ______, that you don’t use deodarant and instead you use ________ .” I’ll omit that conversation and instead just say thank you for the advice that saved my pits.

Are you ready? Rubbing Alcohol. That’s right. The only solution to my pregnancy BO that doesn’t make me break out in hives. Swab on in the morning with a cloth, let dry for a minute or two before putting on your shirt. If it’s a particularly smelly/sweaty day, reapply as needed. I haven’t ever had to reapply in the same day unless I worked out or I didn’t shower (I mean I always shower every day…). Also, I didn’t discover this until a few months ago so it hasn’t been tested in weather over 80 degrees. Still, hallelujah for rubbing alcohol. And no, it doesn’t burn at all unless I have just shaved. I won’t even mention that the price of rubbing alcohol is a great plus for my frugal ways.

So for all y’all (I’m so southern) with itchy pits (which I’m pretty sure is no one), I have discovered the solution for you! You’re welcome.