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I die of cuteness

We kept Juneybean up past her bedtime last night because she was being hilarious.  It was one of those times as a parent that you just have to stop, enjoy and take it all in.  Here she is in all her nerdy glory. Happy Friday:)



3 Month Juney Bean Sprout

-You don’t have an appt. for another month, but based on our home scale, you weigh over 13 pounds! You’re a little sprout and seem to get taller everyday.

-Your eyes changed all the time during the first 10 weeks or so, but now seem to be settling more at a dark brown/gray color. We bet they will continue to get darker and you’ll have the Marr-side dark chocolate eyes.

-You’ve had some independent playtime for a while now, although we are always nearby just in case. Your favorite place is your playmat, batting away at the toys above and checking yourself out in the mirror. You love your bouncy chair, too.

-You have great head control so we put you in the Bumbo for the first time recently and you love it! You are also newly interested in Linus and track him around the room.

-Some of your favorite things: being held to see the world, looking out the window, singing songs, reading books, getting kisses, “This little piggy,” blowing raspberries on your belly, bouncing on Daddy’s knee, swinging and imitating our facial expressions. You go back and forth about hanging out in carriers and walks in your stroller. Tummy time is still your least favorite.

-You smile all the time! You love to giggle and make sweet little noises. You prefer mornings and being out around others. You do really well in public with new people, noises, things to look at, etc.

-You do not like bedtime and tend to struggle between 6-10pm often with long bouts of crying. We’ve found there is a short window of time to get you to bed; otherwise, we are in for a lot of crying.

-People most often comment that you are so alert, you’re such a pretty baby, you have amazing hair and you have beautiful skin tone. People said the same things the day you were born.

-You are an opinionated eater. This isn’t new. You like the flow of milk to be the perfect amount and force, even from the bottle.

-You love getting your diaper changed. It’s the feeling of freedom, we suppose. You now look right over at your stuffed Sophie the Giraffe sitting on the changing pad and smile at her every time.

-When you were 11 weeks, we had to take you to the Dr. and the hospital for a fever that wouldn’t go away. After all of the tests, poking, prodding and 2 rounds of antibiotics, it eventually went away without explanation. Other than that time, you are a healthy little baby. You continue to struggle with reflux, but it seems my dairy consumption doesn’t make a difference for you.

Oh, Where To Begin?

I’ve been avoiding my blog like it’s the plague. Why? Life has been rouuugh. I don’t know where to begin, how much to explain, and how much I can emotionally handle discussing issues at this point.

Here are the two things I can say:

1) I am totally in love with our daughter. I would say she is an average baby as far as crankiness goes. She has really hard times of day and she has lots of reflux, but she also loves to smile when her belly is full and not bothering her. She sleeps well most of the time. All in all, we are very tired, but we realize that is part of the deal right now and we are both amazed by our little cutie.

2) I have had the worst time imaginable breastfeeding. Don’t let me scare you if you would like to breastfeed: go for it! I am a very unusual case (and no, I don’t have a third nipple or anything like that). I even stumped three lactation consultants at one point. It has been 6.5 weeks of the perfect storm of every possible problem: latching problems, weight gain issues, dropper feeding, bottle feeding, pumping, callouses, creases, cuts, blisters, variable milk production, Raynaud’s Phenomenon, thrush and more. This is mainly why I haven’t blogged. I can’t take any more suggestions, advice, opinions, etc. because I’ve tried just about every solution out there ranging from positions, postures, tools, techniques, and more. That may sound mean, but really, I spend more time with my new best friend, the lactation consultant (free service at our hospital–hallelujah!), than I do with anyone else. Juniper is finally good in the weight gain department, we’ve made HUGE strides of improvement, and may have had a break through this past Thursday. Here’s hoping it continues because we’ve pretty much tried everything at this point. Please pray that it does!

Side note: I’m currently blogging at a coffee shop/bar, ALONE for the first time, enjoying a Lagunitas IPA while Seth is watching the baby girl to give me a much needed break. He’s pretty great!

I leave you with some pictures of the sweetest baby ever and hope that blogging will once again be more routine for me:) These pictures are in random order from the past 6 weeks.

PS- We are making a 10 hour drive soon with a 7 week old. Anyone have any travel tips?