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Holiday Signs

I’ve got new holiday signs in the Etsy shop:

I’ve really been enjoying all of the painting and putting these signs together! How are you getting ready for the holidays?

Appreciating Everything That’s Done

Pregnancy related or not, I have felt constant frustration about having to get stuff done around the house, to get ready for baby, and to prepare for parent life in general for the last several months. Seth and I recapped our preparations last night as we were going to bed, so today I’m being impressed with us for everything we’ve accomplished in that department.

A few pictures throughout the process (don’t look too closely…):

-We have gone through every closet, every storage area, every box in every room and donated and recycled an unbelievable amount of stuff. We do this every time we move, which has been several times over the past few years, so to pare down even more feels great!

-We have sold or donated 6-8 random pieces of furniture that after consolidating and planning, will serve others better than us right now.

-We have rearranged 4 rooms, which helped us repurpose and consolidate.

-We made a list of what we needed for effective storage, etc. and cheaply bought, repurposed or garage saled for those items.

-We went through all toiletries and medicine cabinets and got rid of expired/unnecessary items.

-We’ve continued to harvest dozens of peppers and literally thousands of tomatoes throughout the fall from our garden.

-Besides enough cloth diapers, diaper related supplies and maybe some needed baby clothes, we have everything we need set-up and ready to go if puff chick decided to appear today.

And after all of the work, some feet up, snuggle time with L-train:

Ideas I’m Trying

Getting Ready for the Holidays in My Etsy Shop:

Give Thanks Banner

Harvest Banner
Inexpensive & easy decor, craft & recipe ideas I’d like to try soon:

Wall Art

Wall Art and you could add found objects too!

Burlap Christmas Stockings

Handmade Herb Soap

Oreo Truffles

Cinnamon Bun Pancakes