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34 Weeks

-My parents came to town last week, helped us get some house stuff done, brought us a hand me down table and rocking chair, and showered us with apple cider and empire apples from NY. They were very helpful and are so relaxed in their retirement! We had a great time and even got to spend a few days with them this weekend in the mountains.

-We got this beauty two weeks ago when we were garage-saling for our baby dresser/changing station. I am in love with it. It is 100 years old and was only $45. I love the color, but it doesn’t really go where we’ve got it so eventually, it will get a new coat and color of paint. For now though, I just like to stare at it:)

-I went for a short hike with family this weekend, but most of it was uphill to waterfalls. I received a ton of pity smiles and comments from women and I still have a hard time realizing what they are referring to. It usually takes me a few seconds to realize, oh yeah, it is CLEAR to the whole world that I’m with child.

-Here are a few 34 week photos. I’m officially feeling huge, no need to comment about that though:) I get very mixed comments from people though- some think I must be having this baby early and others can’t believe I’m this far along. Who knows, but either way, we’re excited!

-Sneak peak of signs going up in the Etsy shop tomorrow:


Fall Cravings

The seriously healthy food I’m craving:

A friend made Mark Bittman’s No-Knead Bread for a picnic last weekend and let’s be honest, it would be divine with almost anything on top…

Ellen made some apple pie the other night and I think I will be wanting some version of it daily for the next few months. Here’s a recipe I found, who knows if it’s good, but I’m pretty sure any would do the trick.

I grew up in upstate NY and part of fall meant eating these, which I know as “fried cakes.” Yes please…

Empire Apples, a NY apple, that I adore…

So what are you craving this fall? Pregnant or not…

A Few Photos of Our Trip

I’m completely exhausted tonight, but I want to at least share some fun pictures of different parts of our trip this summer. Enjoy and have a great evening!

Sparklers after Kelly & Jamie’s wedding!

Kelly & Dad Dancing

Seth & I at the Portland Rose Garden

Seth on rocks on the coast

Coastal View with Lighthouse, OR

Oregon Coast