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Strangest Pregnancy Symptom

You always here about the odd things that happen when your pregnant. For example, your hair gets thicker or curly, nails get stronger, cravings, etc. Well, my strangest symptom is one that I have never heard of before: itchy, rashy, inflamed armpits.

For the past 9 months, I have been allergic to every kind of deodorant I’ve tried. Let’s begin by saying I usually make my own deodorant. It’s about as natural as it gets, other than not wearing any. As many times as my sweet man responds “no” to the question “Do my pits smell?” (arm raise included), I still smell myself at times and I cannot stand to smell like BO.

So, after tiring of scratching my pits like a monkey and then having to wash and ice them due to inflammation, I tried variations of this natural deodorant. When none of that worked, I tried multiple natural store-bought varieties. That didn’t work and I even tried some of the chemically kind. Nope, again: itchy, inflamed, red, sore, wash, ice, repeat.

At my wit’s end, I tried a method I heard about from a friend who heard about it from a friend, you get the idea. I know the person who’s idea it was, but I will not post his name in case his deodorant solutions are a more private matter than on my blog. Also, I haven’t brought up the potentially awkward conversation, you know- “Hey, I heard from ______, that heard from ______, that you don’t use deodarant and instead you use ________ .” I’ll omit that conversation and instead just say thank you for the advice that saved my pits.

Are you ready? Rubbing Alcohol. That’s right. The only solution to my pregnancy BO that doesn’t make me break out in hives. Swab on in the morning with a cloth, let dry for a minute or two before putting on your shirt. If it’s a particularly smelly/sweaty day, reapply as needed. I haven’t ever had to reapply in the same day unless I worked out or I didn’t shower (I mean I always shower every day…). Also, I didn’t discover this until a few months ago so it hasn’t been tested in weather over 80 degrees. Still, hallelujah for rubbing alcohol. And no, it doesn’t burn at all unless I have just shaved. I won’t even mention that the price of rubbing alcohol is a great plus for my frugal ways.

So for all y’all (I’m so southern) with itchy pits (which I’m pretty sure is no one), I have discovered the solution for you! You’re welcome.

Fall Cravings

The seriously healthy food I’m craving:

A friend made Mark Bittman’s No-Knead Bread for a picnic last weekend and let’s be honest, it would be divine with almost anything on top…

Ellen made some apple pie the other night and I think I will be wanting some version of it daily for the next few months. Here’s a recipe I found, who knows if it’s good, but I’m pretty sure any would do the trick.

I grew up in upstate NY and part of fall meant eating these, which I know as “fried cakes.” Yes please…

Empire Apples, a NY apple, that I adore…

So what are you craving this fall? Pregnant or not…

Monday Morning Odds & Ends

-I have a whole new workout schedule that involves mostly morning exercise since it’s too hot in GA to workout later in the day. I am not a morning person at all, never have been. I’ve tried hard to become one, but I usually end up disappointed. All this to say that, lately, I’ve really enjoyed my morning routine. I don’t feel as rushed, I get to eat a nice breakfast and enjoy my coffee and NPR with Seth.

This morning we took L-train for a walk and it was SO gorgeous out. Something about the daytime temperature changing from high 90s to low 90s has really cut the humidity and allowed for more enjoyable mornings/evenings. I am loving it and enjoying while it’s here.

-Seth and I went to Ikea yesterday and it was probably the most productive trip ever. Usually, we plan what we need, wait way too long because we don’t want to spend money and then end up exhausted, irritable and frustrated because we convince ourselves while we are there that we are spending too much money and don’t get what we need. Thankfully, we don’t shop much so this trip only happens at most once or twice every couple years.

Anyway, we planned the whole day ahead, took all measurements, took pictures of things we needed colors to go with, didn’t waste time and remained cool, calm and collected for the entire trip. I even wore really good shoes for support so my back wouldn’t kill the next day (that one’s for you mom).

The most amazing part was that we fit everything into our Ford Focus on the ride home. I should have documented with pictures because seriously, we could have won a prize for space usage. We brought bungee cords and our roof top carrier because we knew there was no way it would all fit and we didn’t use either one. I know, I know, it’s ridiculous. But it was the kind of awesome that left Seth and I high-fiving in the parking garage when we finished packing the car.

-Fresh garden tomato, fresh mozzarella, garden basil salad is to die for and we will be eating it from now until our garden decides it’s time to stop giving us 50+ tomatoes a week. I’m not complaining.

-I leave you with my 22 week bump shot from this past weekend:

Well, that’s all for now. Life is good. Enjoy your Monday!