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Ups and Downs

Being a mom has its ups and downs. I’ve always had the policy that anything I write here will be honest. So, here it is–the good and the bad right now.

What’s driving me crazy lately:
10. Not eating dairy. I have never had a problem with dairy, but I gave it up for June’s reflux. Now, slowly adding it back in has caused me great stomach pain. Am I suddenly lactose intolerant?
9. Allergies. I’m like a faucet, even on my daily meds. It’s possible I’ve wiped my snotty nose on a burp cloth or two.
8. Waking up at night covered in leaking milk. Sorry if that’s TMI, but it’s true. The girl is sleeping long stretches, so shouldn’t I finally be able to sleep if she’s not the one waking me up?
7. Pumping. It’s annoying to be chained to the pump. I look forward to only bottlefeeding.
6. My clothes. Nothing fits. Anything that does fit is too tight in all the wrong places. I went shopping the other day to remedy the situation and get some “in between clothes.” Thankfully, my friend, Ellen, was extremely patient. I tried on at least 50 items, maybe more. I came home with 5 and will be returning 2. Ugh.
5. Our bank account. I need to get some part-time work that can be done from home. Anyone have any ideas? Please, send them my way!
4. I spend a lot of time here busy with the little lady, but have very little time to deal with anything. Instead, I sit around while feeding her, etc. thinking about everything I’m not getting done.
3. Clutter. It’s everywhere! I keep going through and getting rid of things, but I just want to throw everything away.
2. Feeling stuck at home because when we go out with Juniper, she won’t nap well. Usually this means a couple of hours of crying at night before bed. If we choose to stay home, if she sleeps well, and if we have some lucky timing, she’ll go down within 10 minutes with limited crying. Trade-offs, trade-offs.
1. Lack of sleep, obviously.

The sweet things right now:
10. Cold, summer beverages even though it’s only March.
9. A great camera I can’t wait to get to know better.
8. More sleep than before. I can’t believe we got through those first 6 weeks!
7. We’re making slow but steady progress in parenting.
6. Nighttime with Seth when Juney is asleep. Sometimes we have only 45 mins. and other times, 2 hours. It often involves dinner, Netflix, laundry, cleaning up, dishes, getting ready for the next day and crashing together on the couch, but hey, it’s some time. We’ll take it!
5. Hand me downs. Our friends and family graciously continue to provide all the clothes for our growing girl. We are so grateful!
4. NPR in the morning and coffee twice a day. Did I mention coffee?
3. The little things that are now big things, like going to the store alone or sitting on the porch in the sun.
2. Upcoming trips to NY for a great friend’s wedding, family beach trip to NC, MI for Seth’s brother’s wedding, and a West coast/Alaskan cruise.
1. Heart-meltingly adorable baby smiles and giggles.

Just a few photos

I had an entire post written and it vanished as I tried to publish. No draft saved, so needless to say, a few pictures will have to do for today. These are from our trip to DC about a week ago.

Everyone loves Grandma:) Grandma, Juney (8.5 weeks) & Linus all snuggled up
Grandma, Juney & Linus- 7.5 weeks

Love that hair…

Meeting Great Grams for the first time

34 Weeks

-My parents came to town last week, helped us get some house stuff done, brought us a hand me down table and rocking chair, and showered us with apple cider and empire apples from NY. They were very helpful and are so relaxed in their retirement! We had a great time and even got to spend a few days with them this weekend in the mountains.

-We got this beauty two weeks ago when we were garage-saling for our baby dresser/changing station. I am in love with it. It is 100 years old and was only $45. I love the color, but it doesn’t really go where we’ve got it so eventually, it will get a new coat and color of paint. For now though, I just like to stare at it:)

-I went for a short hike with family this weekend, but most of it was uphill to waterfalls. I received a ton of pity smiles and comments from women and I still have a hard time realizing what they are referring to. It usually takes me a few seconds to realize, oh yeah, it is CLEAR to the whole world that I’m with child.

-Here are a few 34 week photos. I’m officially feeling huge, no need to comment about that though:) I get very mixed comments from people though- some think I must be having this baby early and others can’t believe I’m this far along. Who knows, but either way, we’re excited!

-Sneak peak of signs going up in the Etsy shop tomorrow: