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Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

Back for the weekly photo challenge. Here are two shots that remind me of springtime. Actually, they are taken in different parts of the world.

I took this walking through the side streets of Dubrovnik, Croatia and I just love the light:

This is a photo of Seth in the Guinness Brewery in Dublin. A touristy spot, but a good time none-the-less. Spring always reminds me of relaxing, enjoying the scenery and drinking a beer:

Do you have any Spring pictures to share? Please do. I’m off to put some new drawer pulls together for my Etsy shop. Stay tuned…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow

I’ve been wanting to participate in the Weekly Photo Challenge for a couple weeks now so I’m giving it a shot for the first time. The theme this week is shadow. This is a photo of Seth and I looking down into the crystal clear water at a port in Croatia a few summers ago. Besides the obvious shadow, I love the way the water bends the light.