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Yummy, High-Protein Snack


Have you ever roasted chickpeas? I had never thought to before. This is strange since my husband considers me the queen of roasting-vegetables-and-all-things-healthy. In the past few months, I’ve realized that the easiest way for me to eat huge amounts of vegetables everyday is to roast them at 400 (why does my laptop have no degree symbol?) for 15-20 mins. until crispy. I wash them, sometimes chop or not if I’m lazy, put them in a casserole dish sprinkled in olive oil and salt, set the timer and walk away. SUPER easy.

Last night, we had friends over and they brought a can of chickpeas, threw them on a cookie sheet and did the same thing I do with all of my vegetables, plus chili powder. So easy and so so good. We had them with dinner as a side and even ended up throwing them on our salads. You’ve got to try it. Even though it was new to me, I checked online this morning and there are tons of recipes out there like this one and this one. Sorry if I was just late learning about this delicious snack, but either way, give it a shot and enjoy!