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Ideas I’m Trying

Getting Ready for the Holidays in My Etsy Shop:

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Inexpensive & easy decor, craft & recipe ideas I’d like to try soon:

Wall Art

Wall Art and you could add found objects too!

Burlap Christmas Stockings

Handmade Herb Soap

Oreo Truffles

Cinnamon Bun Pancakes

Random Bits

I made this for breakfast today minus the meat. I only had a small amount of almond flour left so I just made one. I also hate, hate, hate using only egg whites because I don’t like wasting the yoke. I can never convince myself to eat the extra yoke either if I’m already eating eggs. So needless to say, I used the whole egg. I knew this meant my biscuit would become a biscuit pancake, but I didn’t care. It was heaven. I have been craving both biscuits and pancakes left and right lately and since that kinda goes against the whole not-eating-grains thing, this was my solution. I will be making them again…soon. Soooo good, want to touch the…oops, never mind.

-We leave for our Vancouver/Seattle trip in less than a week. I. CAN’T. WAIT. If you have any suggestions on how to spend our time, or mine when I’m alone for part of it, please let me know.

-Friends of ours are going to purchase my drawer pulls and use them in their kitchen redo! I’m so excited to see them worked into the decor of an entire room. I know it’s going to be this glaze pattern, but I’m going to do a color consult with them. They’re having a baby soon, days or weeks soon, so it might be awhile still. I will let you know when and of course, share photos!

-I’ve starting running again. I love the way I feel when I’m finished, but I loathe running. I mean I hate it. I dread it. Any runners out there have any advice about how to enjoy it? Do tell, do tell. My goal is to be able to pick up and run 2-4 miles and stay in shape enough to do that at any time. For Seth, this is no problem, but running has always been so hard for me, even when I was in great shape. I never want to be a marathon runner, but I do want to enjoy shorter runs and interval runs. So again, help me out please!

-Today I’m editing pictures to be slowly posted to my Etsy shop. Some of the things are new, but I’m also redoing the way I post items for sale. My goal is to get things up a few a day or a few every couple days. I’m trying to save some for my trip next week since I can do the computer stuff from anywhere.

Have a great weekend!

Yummy, High-Protein Snack


Have you ever roasted chickpeas? I had never thought to before. This is strange since my husband considers me the queen of roasting-vegetables-and-all-things-healthy. In the past few months, I’ve realized that the easiest way for me to eat huge amounts of vegetables everyday is to roast them at 400 (why does my laptop have no degree symbol?) for 15-20 mins. until crispy. I wash them, sometimes chop or not if I’m lazy, put them in a casserole dish sprinkled in olive oil and salt, set the timer and walk away. SUPER easy.

Last night, we had friends over and they brought a can of chickpeas, threw them on a cookie sheet and did the same thing I do with all of my vegetables, plus chili powder. So easy and so so good. We had them with dinner as a side and even ended up throwing them on our salads. You’ve got to try it. Even though it was new to me, I checked online this morning and there are tons of recipes out there like this one and this one. Sorry if I was just late learning about this delicious snack, but either way, give it a shot and enjoy!